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Vanquish Your Foes


The Ultimate Archery Tag Experience for Team Building

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Fort Battle

Hold the line! Will your team survive and eliminate the enemy forces?

Forge Bonds

Come as strangers, leave as a team. Forge your bonds in the battlefield!


Battle in various mission modes. Conquer all to become Champion!


Team building events are important to a company, because employees are brought together to increase their cohesion and morale, so that they will be a stronger team at work.

Our Archery Tag team building packages feature unique gameplay missions, where players have to defend their fortress from enemy forces, and complete the objective.

Packages start at SGD 600 Nett. 

For large groups (40 pax above), you can expect the pricing to be approx SGD 20 per person.

Archery Tag Corporate Team Building Event

In June 2019, we organized an Archery Tag team building event for our client from a major local bank. 35 pax came and worked as teams to defend their fortress, and competed to see who will emerge as champion!

120 Pax Team Building for Army Guys

On May 2019, we were privileged to organize a massive Archery Tag team bonding event for 120 of our SAF army guys! Catch out the amazing photos as they try to shoot down the enemy team and destroy their Castle!

Ministry of Manpower
Team Building Event at Fort Canning Hill Park

On a sunny afternoon on 29th Feb 2016, the managers from the Singapore Ministry of Manpower engaged in an exciting Archery Tag battle on the historical WWII site of Fort Canning Hill Park!

How To Book
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