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Our Story

        Why we run Archery Tag Battle team building programs

Our History

     Were you ever gripped by the intensity and adrenaline rush of big battle scenes in movies like Gladiator, 300 Spartans, Kingdom of Heaven, Joan of Arc, Lord of The Rings, Red Cliff?


     Our team began organizing medieval themed team-based games all the way back in 2004, that's 12 years ago!


     Recognizing that people aren't getting outdoors that much, and youths are generally obssessed with video games, our team organize games that simulate popular video games and movies, to motivate and inspire people to get outdoors and play.

Persian arrows raining on the Spartans, in the movie 300.

People's Association Active Day 2007

     During our early founding days, one of the more notable events we had was the People's Association Active Day 2007. It was an event that showcased many different activities such as Jump Stilts, Unicycling etc...


     Our efforts in promoting positive life values through team-based games caught the PA's attention, and we had the privilege of organizing one of the activity booth for them. The popular Yam Ah Mee, then CEO of PA, dropped by and joined in too! 

     In June 2009, we received recognition in the local newspapers, Lian He Zao Bao, for our efforts in encouraging outdoors activities, as well as to inspire youths with traditional values of integrity, honour, perseverance and humility.

     Our games were designed and improved constantly over the years, with learning points for leadership, character development, and foster social interaction with better communication skills.

     As we grew over the years, the youths that once played and were inspired by our activities matured along with us.


They now help out at our events to inspire others, and the senior ones will even take on a leadership role in managing and running the events.

     We look forward to deliver more fun and meaningful games, and inspire more people to play real-life outdoors activities over digital ones.

The Values We Promote


  • Good role model

  • Grace under pressure

  • Sense of responsibility


  • Understand and doing your part

  • Recognizing teammates' efforts

  • Effective communication

Character Development

  • Integrity

  • Humility

  • Emotional intelligence

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