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Battle Archery Tag at Fort Canning Hill Park!

We return once again to Fort Canning Hill Park for Archery Tag! This time round it's Red versus Blue as the 2 teams battle at the green field near the historical Fort Gate site.

The players were first taught Combat Archery techniques. This means learning how to shoot in a battle-like environment, which is different today's modern archery techniques. This will help them to perform better in their team building Archery Tag battle game!

Blue team fiercely defending their territory.

Blue Team fiercely defending their territory!

Red Team launching their Archery Tag offense

Red Team launching their offense, with Blue Team working hard to defend themselves.

Red and Blue teams raining Archery Tag arrows at each other

Red and Blue Teams both raining arrows at each other!

Last 1 minute! Get as many points as you can!

Last 1 minute, get as many points as you can!

Thank you for battling Archery Tag with us on Fort Canning Hill Park. See you guys again soon!

Battle Archery Tag Singapore - Pioneer & Biggest Organizer

Contact: 9786 9083

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