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Archery Tag for Kids Birthday Party

In Apr 2019, we organized an Archery Tag kids birthday party for our client. Located conveniently near Stadium MRT station, The Cage is a great venue for holding birthday parties. There's even free tables & chairs provided for guests and food/cake.

For Kids events, we use kids bows, which are lighter and easier to shoot.

Archery Tag kids birthday party pose

Archers, assemble! Team pose before the start of the battle.

Safety and Game Rules briefing for kids Archery Tag birthday party

We always start with a Safety Briefing, to ensure that the kids can have fun in a safe environment.

Defend your Castle in Kids Archery Tag Birthday Party

We setup Castle Walls in the game, for the kids to hide and take cover while shooting!

Girl Archer for the day

Our heroine Archer for the day!

Group photo Kids Archery Tag Birthday Party

Happy Birthday and thank you for organizing an Archery Tag event with us.

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