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Changi Airport Archery Tag Game

In July 2018, we were privileged to be chosen to run an Archery Tag game for Changi Airport staff, inside Changi Airport itself!

Changi Airport Archery Tag Game Rules Briefing

We started off with a safety and game rules briefing for the staff, to get them familiarized with the equipment and how to shoot an arrow first

Changi Airport Archery Tag setup in sports hall

The game was played inside their sports hall, and we setup a range of obstacles for them. After briefing, the games soon began.

Changi Airport Archery Tag hiding behind obstacles

Players took cover behind the mock walls that we setup for them to avoid getting shot.

Changi Airport Archery Tag ladies are competitive too!

The ladies are competitive and played as fiercely as the men!

Changi Airport Archery Tag Group Photo

Thank you for playing Archery Tag with us. We look forward to hold more games inside Changi Airport!

Battle Archery Tag Singapore - 1st & Biggest Organizer

Contact: 9786 9083

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