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Castle Defence Archery Tag for 40 pax!

Unique gameplay! We organized a "Castle Defence" game mode Archery Tag event for our client of 40 pax. Check out the photos as teams fight to defend their "Castle" from enemy forces!

Castle Wall design

Our walls have 'gaps' in between, just like how ancient Castle walls were designed. This allows the player to shoot through the gaps while minimizing exposure and reducing the chances of getting shot!

Archery Tag Castle Defence buddy system

Buddy system while defending their Castle base!

Work as a team to defeat the enemy!

Work as a team to defeat the enemy forces!

Authentic combat archery bows used in our games

Our traditional Combat Archery bows allows you to use authentic medieval shooting techniques, which gives you additional advantage of better accuracy and faster reloading!

Group Photo of Castle Defence Archery Tag Singapore

Thank you for playing "Castle Defence" Archery Tag with us. We look forward to see everyone again soon!

Battle Archery Tag Singapore - Pioneer & Biggest Organizer

Contact: 9786 9083


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