Archery Tag at East Coast Park

In Dec 2018, we organized an Archery Tag game for our client at East Coast Park. Can you guess which part of the park we're at?

Archery Tag battlefield at East Coast Park

Broad view of the battlefield. We setup several walls for the players to hide and shoot

Traditional combat archery bows

We are the 1st and only Archery Tag company in Singapore to organize games with traditional bows, which are better designed for combat archery purposes. These allows you to shoot with authentic technique with better accuracy!

No need cover because marksman!

Even though we setup several walls already, some players prefer to stand in the open!

Some reload some shooting

Teamwork is the key to winning! While some are reloading, others are shooting. This will ensure that the enemy team is constantly worried about arrows flying towards them!

Group photo Archery Tag at East Coast Park

Thank you for playing Archery Tag with us at East Coast Park. We look forward to see all of you again soon!

Battle Archery Tag Singapore - Pioneer & Biggest Organizer


Contact: 9786 9083


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