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Samurai Archery Tag Dec 2016

Fight for honor as a fearsome Samurai and shoot down your foes in battle!

We organize an epic Archery Tag game with traditional Japanese Samurai bows for our client. Safe foam arrows and awesome Japanese bows? That's a potent mix!

Check out the photos:

Archery Tag Singapore with Samurai bows

We are the only organizer that provide the Japanese bow for Archery Tag Singapore. Players have opportunity to try tagging their opponent using this bow. Even though the bow is very long, it turns out to be pretty handy and manageable to use!

Shoot down your foes with safe foam Archery Tag arrows!

Briefing and explanation on how to shoot with the Samurai bows.

Facilitator briefing of safety and game rules prior to start of Samurai Archery Tag game.

Samurai Archery Tag in action!

Archery Tag is open for all people from all different ages. Elders as well as adults are having a great fun bonding with team and tagging their opponent!

Contact us to organize a Samurai Archery Tag game for you here in Singapore!

Battle Archery Tag Singapore - Pioneer & Biggest Organizer

Contact: +65 9786 9083


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