60 pax Archery Tag for School Students

What's a good way to celebrate and help the students to de-stress after their year-end final exams? A sporty team building game of Archery Tag sounds about right!

We were privileged to organize an Archery Tag game for over 60 students inside their school. Check out the panoramic view of the "battle grounds"!

The game took place on a grass field inside the school. We setup several obstacles for the students to take cover and the Archery Tag battle soon began!

The arrows were scattered in the middle of the field, and teams have to stay at their own base. Only at the whistle's blow, they'll rush forward and grab as many arrows as they can. If you're slow, you may not have any arrows to shoot with.

After collecting the arrows, the players rushed back to take cover behind the obstacles and try to shoot down the enemy team players. The more enemies you shot down, the more points you get.

Each student wears a full-face safety mask, just in case the arrows hit their face. It is almost painless to be shot by our safe foam arrows, and feels only like a nudge

Thank you for playing Archery Tag with us. We wish you flying colors in your exam results and we look forward to see all of you again soon.

Battle Archery Tag Singapore - 1st & Biggest Organizer

Email: ArcheryBattle@Gmail.com

Contact: 9786 9083

Website: www.ArcheryBattleSG.com

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