300 Students play Archery Tag!

We kick-started 2019 earlier this year with an epic Archery Tag event for 300 students! Our client from a secondary school had earlier engaged us a few months ago, and was eager to engage us a 2nd time.

At the start of the session, our coaches first taught the students how to shoot with combat archery techniques properly first, followed by the safety rules to follow during the game.

The game took place in their school field, and we setup several obstacles for them to take cover

It was a sunny morning, so the students had to brave not only the arrows, but also the Sun!

At the whistle's blow, the round starts and the students fought their way up the championship!

We were privileged to serve our client 2 times in a short span of a few months. Thank you and we look forward to serve you again soon.

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Contact: 9786 9083

Website: www.ArcheryBattleSG.com

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