40 pax Year-End Archery Tag Cohesion

We were privileged to be chosen by Kranji Camp, Singapore Armed Forces, to organize an Archery Tag game for their year-end cohesion of about 40 pax in December 2017. The game was organized at The Cage, which is conveniently located near Stadium MRT station only.

We started with basic safety briefing, followed by the game rules of the Archery Tag, and our army boys are ready to shoot it out!

The battlefield was set up with mock walls for them to take cover, while they try to shoot down the enemy team's players.

From their performance, I think we can say that our Army boys have been trained well!

Half-way during the game, we changed to a new set of game rules, to create variety and make the game more challenging and exciting.

The boys defended their base, while they tried to shoot down and destroy the enemy's!

Thank you for organizing an Archery Tag game with us, and we look forward to see you again soon! =)

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