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Archery Tag at The Cage April 2017

This is the 5th time we are running Archery Tag as a team building session for our client from the finance industry. Thank you for choosing us all these years!

The game was held at "The Cage", conveniently located just 5 mins walk from Stadium MRT station. Ideal for our client because they work in the CBD area.

Shoot behind the wall! | Archery Tag Singapore

We setup "walls" as obstacles for the game. But some choose not to hide behind them and stand in the open to shoot!

Kneeling to shoot | Archery Tag Singapore

I guess kneeling is also another way to reduce your "target area" to minimize the chances of you getting shot.

Smart girl hiding behind the wall | Kneeling to shoot | Archery Tag Singapore

Hiding behind the walls to shoot. Clever girl!

Group photo after the game | Archery Tag Singapore

Thank you for playing Archery Tag all these years. We look forward to continue giving awesome team building sessions!

Battle Archery Tag Singapore - Pioneer & Biggest Organizer

Contact: 9786 9083


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