Archery Tag for Church Friends at West Coast Park

This is the 5th time that we've brought Archery Tag to West Coast Park! Our client wants to organize a game for his church friends, and since they all stay in the west, they asked if we can organize it at West Coast Park.

We replied "Yes!"

We transported everything (bows, protective gears, obstacles etc...) down to West Coast Park and setup the game at a big open grass field.

There was a slight drizzle just before the game, but no worries, our equipment are weather-proof!

The obstacles were setup on the field and soon it became an all-out-war!

The weather quickly turned hot & sunny again. Typical crazy Singapore weather?!?

The warm weather helped to dry our players' clothes and increased their fighting spirit!

Thank you for playing Archery Tag with us and we wish you a happy birthday! See you boys soon!

Contact us to organize an Archery Tag game for you in Singapore! Battle Archery Tag Singapore - Pioneer & Biggest Organizer


Contact: 9786 9083


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