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Father-Daughter Bonding Archery Tag Game

One of things that we love to do at Battle Archery Tag Singapore is bring people together with teamwork and cooperation. It really is a joy to watch groups working in unison to achieve victory in more ways than just winning a match! That is why we’re excited to talk about a recent game held at a girl’s school that was designed to promote Father and Daughter bonding.

As you probably already know, Archery Tag is a unique way to create a team building environment that has players on both teams relying on one another to come out on top. How you devise your strategy to overcome challenges, as well as gaining a lead over the opposition, all comes down to how well each member blends their skills into a collective unit.

Awesome girl Archer! - Father Daughter Archery Tag Bonding Game

We spotted some talented girls in the game! I bet their fathers are very proud of their prowess in combat archery.

For the first game, we set up some walls in the gymnasium of the school for the teams to hide behind and shoot at one another. These obstacles can be used as part of the strategy, where one person could hide behind the wall to aim at the enemy while another distracts by standing up.

Hiding behind obstacles - Father Daughter Archery Tag Game

it was fun to watch these families play together and make memories.

The second game that we introduced to these fathers and daughters was a “rain of arrows.” Surely, you’ve seen a “rain of arrows” in popular movies (such as in 300) and television shows, where the heroes either hide behind shields or run for cover.

However, in the spirit of warrior, our second game could only be won with an act of bravery. The father and daughter team had to hold hands and, under the deluge of arrows, run across the battlefield into enemy territory without getting hit or shot.

Rain of Arrows, run run run! Father Daughter Archery Tag Game

The rain of arrows was definitely a challenge for some teams! You had to be careful not to stray apart from one another, so taking one another’s nonverbal cues was essential.

Of course, fun and safety are our two main objectives. When families, friends, and even coworkers can partake in events like these, the excitement and laughter is perfect for furthering relationships.

If you are looking for the perfect team-building event for your Singapore company employees, for example, a couple rounds of Archery Tag will have them bonding better than a day at the office ever would! A little bit of friendly competition goes a long way.

So thank you to the school for having Battle Archery Tag Singapore design this incredible combat archery day to bring fathers and daughters together. We hope the memories you made are as wonderful as ours!

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